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Monday, May 5, 2008

Mischa Barton caught Topless on Beach

Mischa Barton and her mum Nuala spent two days on Hamilton Island relaxing - until a paparazzo ruined everything by taking photos of Mischa sunbaking topless.

"We went out from Hamilton to a tiny island to relax in the sun and all of a sudden Jamie Fawcett jumped out of a bush with a massive camera lens and took photos of me," she fumed. "He'd followed us in a boat!

"He's a ridiculous human being. I've never abhorred anyone more. I was so angry I went up to him and said how disappointed I was with his behaviour. He apologised but he was very insincere."

Mischa said he later used a speedboat to try to take pictures of her in her room and also papped her at the Qantas Club as she and her mum were leaving to return to Sydney.

"Talking to him, he's not a straightforward person," she said.

"That's why I live in Paris, because I get the privacy I want there."

But, apart from the intrusion, she said she and her mum had a good time at the uber-luxurious Qualia Resort.

"I went jet skiing and scuba diving and saw some beautiful coral. I haven't had a vacation in a long time so I just laid out and relaxed - it's just been the two of us with our own pool. Real mother-daughter time."

She said reports MTV was disappointed with her lacklustre presence at the awards upset her.

"That's wild. I was asked to present and do a half-day of press and phoners and I did that. I was just quiet because I was chilled."

It seems she can't win. Other reports have her out of control.

"I was disappointed that press said I was dancing on tables. I've never danced on a table in my life. I was just chilling out. I went to quiet dinners in Sydney so I could meet people and experience the city. I really like it here."

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