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Monday, May 5, 2008

Jamie Fawcett Defends the topless pictures of Mischa Barton he took

A Sydney paparazzo who caused Nicole Kidman to “fear for her life” has been described by Mischa Barton as a “ridiculous human being” after taking topless pictures of her at a Hamilton Island beach house.

Barton, who was holidaying with her mother, told Fairfax media they "went out from Hamilton to a tiny island to relax in the sun and all of a sudden Jamie Fawcett jumped out of a bush with a massive camera lens and took photos of me.”

While Fawcett has acknowledged taking the topless pictures he says he did nothing wrong.

“She was sunbaking topless on a balcony in full view of everybody," Fawcett told ninemsn.

"I was coming back in the boat around the Whitsunday Passage … where hundreds of boats go through every day.

"She was in broad public view on the balcony of the beach house.

"There was no trespassing, nothing like that.”

Barton and Fawcett were booked on the same flight leaving Hamilton Island. "He's a ridiculous human being. I've never abhorred anyone more. I was so angry I went up to him and said how disappointed I was with his behaviour. He apologised but he was very insincere," Barton says

Barton has been in Australia following her appearance at the MTV awards.

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